Sunday, July 29, 2007

Trip one vs. Trip two

It's amazing the difference on the plane ride here. On trip one, I think Sean and I said 10 words or less to each other. We weren't fighting, we were just so focused on the enormity of it all, that we, after 2 years, were headed to Russia. This time, we talked, watched movies, even got a bit of sleep. As excited as we are for this time in our lives, I think there is also a peace about it. IT IS HAPPENING. We are on our way to get our son, and it just feels right.

We leave for the region Monday night. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers. We are hopeful for as smooth a transition for our boy as it can be.

We will update after court on Wednesday!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Packed and ready

7 bags, all probably at maximum weight are in the hall ready to go. Next time we post we will be half way around the world

Thanks Secret Pal

Thank you for the thoughtful gift. I love the Willow Tree figurines, each one that I have is special. This one brought a tear to my eyes! It is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to hold my little one just like this....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harsh realities

A friend on whom we've leaned for advice and support has lost her referral. Suz, her husband and daughter first visited Vika in Jan 2006 and was, 19 months later, still waiting on accreditation and court. A russian couple came forward last week and decided to adopt the daughter that Suz and husband have been waiting for. This is absolutely devastating for them, and for all of us that know them. If you want to offer support here is their blog:

While all of us on this crazy rollercoaster know that the adoption isn't final until you have the babe in your arms, it is still a shock to hear a story like theirs. Suz, I'm praying for you all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Packing dilemmas

It's a good problem to have, because I'm packing to bring him home. But, I am struggling over what to take. Sizes, amounts, long sleeved, short sleeved, pants, shorts, sweats..... We will have T with us for about 7 days. For us, we take about 3 days worth of clothes and wear everything two or three times, but probably not a wise plan for a two year old!

Right now the weather is highs of 70, lows in the 50s and partly cloudy, but I can't tell what it will be three weeks from now. I know that I should just wait until 2-3 days before we leave, look at the weather and do it then, but this is the fun part and I want to do it now!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

And the date is....

August 1st!!!
We leave for Russia on July 28th and expect to return with our little American Citizen on August 9th!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great article I came across

Here is an article that helps us understand what could be going through T's mind when we bring him home.

Immense Loss; Walk a Mile in Baby’s Booties Imagine for a moment…
You have met the person you've dreamed about all your life. He has every quality that you desire in a spouse. You plan for the wedding, enjoying every free moment with your fiancée. You love his touch, his smell, the way he looks into your eyes. For the first time in your life, you understand what is meant by "soul mate," for this person understands you in a way that no one else does. Your heart beats in rhythm with his. Your emotions are intimately tied to his every joy, his every sorrow. The wedding comes. It is a happy celebration, but the best part is that you are finally the wife of this wonderful man. You fall asleep that night, exhausted from the day's events, but relaxed and joyful in the knowledge that you are next to the person who loves you more than anyone in the world…the person who will be with you for the rest of your life. The next morning you wake up, nestled in your partner's arms. You open your eyes and immediately look for his face. But IT'S NOT HIM! You are in the arms of another man. You recoil in horror. Who is this man? Where is your beloved? You ask questions of the new man, but it quickly becomes apparent that he doesn't understand you. You search every room in the house, calling and calling for your husband. The new guy follows you around, trying to hug you, pat you on the back,...even trying to stroke your arm, acting like everything is okay. But you know that nothing is okay. Your beloved is gone. Where is he? Will he return? When? What has happened to him? Weeks pass. You cry and cry over the loss of your beloved. Sometimes you ache silently, in shock over what has happened. The new guy tries to comfort you. You appreciate his attempts, but he doesn't speak your language-either verbally or emotionally. He doesn't seem to realize the terrible thing that has happened...that your sweetheart is gone. You find it difficult to sleep. The new guy tries to comfort you at bedtime with soft words and gentle touches, but you avoid him, preferring to sleep alone, away from him and any intimate words or contact. Months later, you still ache for your beloved, but gradually you are learning to trust this new guy. He's finally learned that you like your coffee black, not doctored up with cream and sugar. Although you still don't understand his bedtime songs, you like the lilt of his voice and take some comfort in it. More time passes. One morning, you wake up to find a full suitcase sitting next to the front door. You try to ask him about it, but he just takes you by the hand and leads you to the car. You drive and drive and drive. Nothing is familiar. Where are you? Where is he taking you? You pull up to a large building. He leads you to an elevator and up to a room filled with people. Many are crying. Some are ecstatic with joy. You are confused. And worried. The man leads you over to the corner. Another man opens his arms and sweeps you up in an embrace. He rubs your back and kisses your cheeks, obviously thrilled to see you. You are anything but thrilled to see him. Who in the world is he? Where is your beloved? You reach for the man who brought you, but he just smiles (although he seems to be tearing up, which concerns you), pats you on the back, and puts your hand in the hands of the new guy. The new guy picks up your suitcase and leads you to the door. The familiar face starts openly crying, waving and waving as the elevator doors close on you and the new guy. The new guy drives you to an airport and you follow him, not knowing what else to do. Sometimes you cry, but then the new guy tries to make you smile, so you grin back, wanting to "get along." You board a plane. The flight is long. You sleep a lot, wanting to mentally escape from the situation. Hours later, the plane touches down. The new guy is very excited and leads you into the airport where dozens of people are there to greet you. Light bulbs flash as your photo is taken again and again. The new guy takes you to another guy who hugs you. Who is this one? You smile at him. Then you are taken to another man who pats your back and kisses your cheek. Then yet another fellow gives you a big hug and messes your hair. Finally, someone (which guy is this?) pulls you into his arms with the biggest hug you've ever had. He kisses you all over your cheeks and croons to you in some language you've never heard before. He leads you to a car and drives you to another location. Everything here looks different. The climate is not what you're used to. The smells are strange. Nothing tastes familiar, except for the black coffee. You wonder if someone told him that you like your coffee black. You find it nearly impossible to sleep. Sometimes you lie in bed for hours, staring into the blackness, furious with your husband for leaving you, yet aching from the loss. The new guy checks on you. He seems concerned and tries to comfort you with soft words and a mug of warm milk. You turn away, pretending to go to asleep. People come to the house. You can feel the anxiety start to bubble over as you look into the faces of all the new people. You tightly grasp the new guy's hand. He pulls you closer. People smile and nudge one other, marveling at how quickly you've fallen in love. Strangers reach for you, wanting to be a part of the happiness. Each time a man hugs you, you wonder if he will be the one to take you away. Just in case, you keep your suitcase packed and ready. Although the man at this house is nice and you're hanging on for dear life, you've learned from experience that men come and go, so you just wait in expectation for the next one to come along. Each morning, the new guy hands you a cup of coffee and looks at you expectantly. A couple of times the pain and anger for your husband is so great that you lash out, sending hot coffee across the room, causing the new guy to yelp in pain. He just looks at you, bewildered. But most of the time you calmly take the cup. You give him a smile. And wait. And wait. And wait. --Written by Cynthia Hockman-Chupp, analogy courtesy of Dr. Kali Miller

Not much news

Since I am just sitting in rainy Tulsa OK waiting for my 13 year olds baseball tournament to resume, I thought I'd post a no news update! We did not get a court date in July. The July 25th docket was full by the time our last bit of paperwork got to the courthouse. So, now we are hopeful for a courtdate in early August. We are hearing mixed news on which judges are on vacation and which are leaving for vacation, but it is promising that one of the three judges in our region will be taking cases for the first couple of weeks of August.

In the meantime, I am trying to absorb some Russian through the Rosetta Stone tutorials. I guess it is working, because yesterday the first clear thought I had upon waking was Krolika pregeot? (Rabbit is jumping?). Maybe when you start dreaming in Russian it is starting to work? Though I'm not sure how far Is the Rabbit jumping will take me, its a start!