Friday, November 02, 2007

Readoption Ceremony

Last week we were able to readopt Cole in the state of Texas. Although there are other, and probably less expensive ways, to get a birth certificate, we wanted to participate in this ceremony. We now have an adoption certificate in Texas, will have a birth certificate from Texas (still stating birth place of Smolensk, Russia). This way we can store the Russian birth certificate and adoption decree for Cole to have in the future. Those documents are virtually irreplaceable and we don't want to use them for little league and school. The best reason for the ceremony, though, was to have all of our family there. Our older kids, our parents, and even my two grandmothers all got to stand before the judge and raise their right hands and swear to love Cole forever as a brother, nephew, grandson. I can never express in words how much that meant to us. The judges chambers were decorated in bears and balloons and it was such a festive occasion. Here are some pictures from our day in court:

Just part of the 13 family members that came, with our Judge....

The courtroom where more than 15 families got to participate:

My grandmothers were both able to be there. This was incredibly special, and somewhat bittersweet, as I lost both of my grandfathers this year, one while we were in Russia. I was so glad to have Nanny and Mimi there.

Cole telling us that he will be ready to leave in a "minutika":