Friday, April 06, 2007

Six months with our referral

I can't believe that it has been six months since we started falling in love with a picture of a little boy half way across the world! The days have been so000 long, but the months have gone by relatively quickly.

We had a meeting with our agency this week, and unfortunately, they did not greet us with a travel itinerary. Since I've sworn off timelines, I won't even guess when we will travel. But, we did get the o.k. to send a letter to the ministry requesting updated medical information on Baby T. I had it written and fedexed to the secretary of state in less than 24 hours. They've already received it and, hopefully, it will be to our agency before they leave for a trip to Russia on the 16th.

Please pray that the Ministry will honor our request and give us some updated information on T. They certainly are under no obligation to do so. He was such a tiny little thing at referral, we just want to know that he is growing - even if just a little bit!