Friday, September 22, 2006

NGO - check!!!!

We received news today that Buckner's NGO paperwork has been approved and they will have their NGO certificate next week. They are approximately the 15th out of about 30 agencies to receive the approval. Next step is reaccreditation. For those of you that don't think about this on a daily basis, a bit of a reminder. All agencies have to be accredited to do adoptions in Russia. Buckner, and 20 of their agency friends, had their accreditations expire on 5/17/06. There is no timeline on when the Russian Ministry will start re-accrediting agencies. The email from Buckner stated that they have heard "it could be months" before this process is moving again.

So, our prayer request now is that these accreditations will begin quickly, so that our family and others that are in the process can bring their children home!