Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Closet is coming to town

come on, sing along...Santa Claus-it coming to town. That's how Cole hears it, so that is who is coming to our house, Santa Closet. It's too funny to correct! He has fully bought into American commercialism of the holiday and has a list a mile long, and adds something new each time we go to a store. He has seen Santa three times, and asks each day to "sit on the lap again?" . He's going to break the bank, because I have to buy pictures each time, because he is just so cute! He also understands about being a good boy, because each time he gets in trouble he responds with toy? Santa? Not that it keeps him out of trouble for long, he finds it again quickly. But look at this face and see if you could stay mad very long!

Merry Christmas to the blog world. May the Peace of Christ be with each of you during this busy time.